Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PMS anyone?

I really hate PMSing! Do any of you suffer from really bad PMS? I DO! I get lonely and sappy! I really hate it! Everything that bothers me gets magnified a hundredfold! I honestly dont get why we suffer and men dont! I guess they do when they are bothered by the change in behavior. It is amazing how it really does change behavior! So now, beside the fact that I am extremely feeling singlehood and the solitude it comes with, having PMS makes me want to really cry over it!!! Ayayay! I hope it goes away soon because it really feels so crappy to feel sappy!

Lyric of the day: Love wont let me wait: I need to have you next to me in more ways than wont let me wait!

Yikes I know sappy! Blame it on the hormones!!! Sorry ladies! Just needed to vent my sappy mood.

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