Wednesday, July 14, 2010

He's Just Not That Into Me!!!

So after Mr. Wonderful, I decided to read the book He's Just Not That Into You! I have read it before but reading it again just puts everything in a different light!

It is amazing how this book does a clear cut question and answer of common situations women go through. Yes, I should have memorized this book. I think I just might! hahaha There are of course exceptions but to be honest ladies, it all makes sense! The strangest thing is that men give mixed signals just as much as women do. I mean come on! Is there a simpler manual out there?

I have learned a lot from the book. I have made many common errors...yikes! I will try to unlearn bad behavior.

I usually make it easy for the guy to figure out I like him when I feel like he likes me. I respond to emails, texts, phone calls. You name it, I respond. I learned that we shouldnt! We should keep the men guessing and wondering if we are interested! Geez! I mean why waste time? But ok, I will start playing the game. I will not, from now on, allow the guy to sense that I am interested until...does anyone know?

Why cant it just be easy? Some people do have it easy. Meet a guy, fall inlove instantly and be in a relationship. Then before you know it, they get married, have kids and live happily ever after...wait am I awake or am I in "ideal land" I guess I am in "ideal land". In reality finding a partner in life is very difficult. Even after the wedding, it still is a constant game of maintaining desire and love. Otherwise one person turns the other way.

So yes, I am now officially lonely as the book said I would feel after learning to recognize red flags. So the problem now is how do I get out of this loneliness soon. Yes they say its better to be single but boy does it feel good to be in a relationship.

Thats all I want. It would be nice to be in a stable, long term relationship soon. Still praying ladies! Dont forget to include me in yours, maybe God will hear it =)

Thanks for you time!


  1. Cece, I am so soory for the whole situation you are in, but secretley relieved that yu re free to find someone suitable.. Similar age, no previous commitments, similar minds and outlooks in life.. The answer on how you learn? Simple- multiple trials.. We all went through them and learned things that way.HaNg tight and stay strong, girl.

  2. @Slastena: You are so sweet! Thanks so much Slastena dear for that sentiment. I think my ego was bruised a bit but thats all. I really think God wanted me to be out of that scratch free and kiss free LOL. The only time he held my hand was when he introduced himself hahaha. So yeah, its just the ego but im good. I just wonder why sometimes. But like they always say, in God's own time. So I will just trust that He has someone picked out for me all I have to do is just wait =) Have a nice weekend dear! God bless!