Tuesday, July 6, 2010


hello ladies! Hope you all had a good 4th of July weekend. So here it goes... the whole time I was away, Mr. Wonderful was communicating with me. Initially it was friendly until it became more of expressing that he liked me and then he started to make plans on me meeting his mom....HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE...Did you just say meet your mom???? I declined! I mean it may be a casual thing for him but isnt this a reflection of how he doesnt think things through? In two weeks I met the kids then two weeks after I got an invite to meet his mom! Whats next? a ring? That would be nice...just kidding. I dont know! Now I am scared that this is just a manic face on his part. Im worried that it will fizz down just as fast as it bubbled up. So im coming back Friday. He then invited me to spend a weekend with him and the kids out of town...WOAA I declined. I am soooo confused. This guy is intelligent, and still young. I dont get where he is coming up with these moves that just blows my mind coz I am having a hard time analyzing it. Does this guy like me or the idea of me being a replacement? I am soooo scared! As for Mr. Attractive, he went on vacation the day after we saw each other. It was a scheduled vacation so I didnt get to see him after that evening. He just got back today and havent heard from him so I am guessing thats that.

I miss having someone to love and be loved!!! God please send me what Im looking for today! =) You never know ladies, maybe God can hear me screaming =) In the meantime, here's a picture from my trip.

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