Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I am soooo PMSing right now! I was about to go to bed when Mr. Wonderful sent me a text that he just got home from going out with his friends. So we exchanged texts asking each other how each one's day went when I got a "I had a great time! We should go out again soon!" then " oops sorry that was supposed to be for my friend, I need to get some sleep!" . So thats the end of that! I just texted him back " glad you had a great time. hope you can go out with your friend again soon. im doing well thanks. getting ready to get back home." No response after that. So there goes that chapter in my life. Goodbye Mr. Wonderful! I know it doesnt seem fair because I did also meet Mr. Attractive right? But if you ladies have only seen Mr. Wonderful, you wouldnt think he can hurt a fly...but hey I think his wife divorced him due to infidelity. So I guess I do need to stay away. God is good for letting me get away while I could and early enough to get away scratch free. It fizzled down as fast as it bubbled up.

Is this PMS? Maybe but the facts are not part of it. I therefore am, on to the next chapter in my life!

God is good...ALWAYS!

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