Sunday, June 6, 2010


So Mr. Wonderful and I had a brunch date. He was of course just in jeans and a geeky polo shirt and I was in a shirt dress and heels...Oh well. So the brunch lasted 2 1/2 hours! It was fun but he didnt want the day to end so he asked if I wanted to see a movie and I said yes. We watched a comedy Get Him to the Greek, it was funny but I think the content is not for everyone. While waiting for the movie we went to a Burger King to kill time =) I think it was adorable. We ordered a sundae. The reason why I find it adorable is that we searched for a nearby theater and the closest one was 40 miles and it was in the middle of nowhere so Burger King was the only place to go to. So from a nice restaurant to a fast food chain...good sign! hahaha

Ok, I just wanted to share that we spent a total of 8 hours together, not bad right? And the nice thing is he was such a gentleman through all this...he didnt even hold my hand! I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but he did ask me out again! So I dont know, while he was driving me home his son called him on his cell and he picked up and talked for a few minutes then told his son if he could call him back in a few minutes (after he drops me off). It then hit me!!! OMG!!! This would have been the perfect situation! But of course like with everything in my life, it wouldnt be that easy! So now I dont know if I should go out with him again or if I should just keep my distance! I back to square one! I am going to need a lot of prayer!!!

Thanks ladies for your time!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful date! Enjoy what you have now - time to get to know each other's personalities, what you have in common, what you can learn from each other, all that wonderful stuff. Don't worry about his children - it's too early in the relationship for you to know their impact and he clearly wants to get to know you better before that happens. Everyone has things in their lives that influence their love lives to some degree - children, jobs, hobbies, exes, parents, the list goes on and on. Would you be nervous if that call was from someone at work asking him a question because his job is demanding? It's the quality of the relationship, not the outside influences that is important to uncover. If I were you, I'd take him up on that next date!

  2. @Jen: It was a great date. Calm and a nice time to get to know each other better. He did get a call from work hahaha. I wasnt nervous at all, I actually liked getting to know that part of him as well. He does have a demanding job. The pacing of our dates based on his busy schedule does reflect that he is interested, three times in one week isnt bad right? However, I have to admit that I am not used to the slow pacing! Slow in the sense of no holding hands or attempt to give me a kiss. Well, there actually hasnt been a right moment yet to be honest with you.

    I am not sure if its because he's more mature and everything is well thought of or is it because he has reservations, Im hoping its not the latter =) Quite frankly I am used to whirlwind pacing, his is new to me. Maybe because I am old and not as attractive as I used to. But then again I think its a good thing because my whirlwinds never panned out. He is really nice but it seems like he is a "boy" more on the innocent side not immature. It is quite strange actually. I feel like he's a teenager who doesnt know what he's supposed to do. I dont know Jen, I am just confused and anxious! I will go out with him again for sure. He asked for a date within the week right as we ended our last one but I said sure lets talk about it and look at our schedules first. I just didnt want to get disappointed. So we will see. I appreciate your comment. Sorry for the long response. I obviously am such an openbook here because I havent shared it with anyone I know yet coz I am tired of telling friends about unsuccessful potentials =) Thanks for being there...your time and thoughts are greatly appreciated!!!

  3. Cece- go slow!:) Enjoy for what it is, do not rush just yet. And make sure someone knows where and when you are ( yes, I am worried, there are bad bad people out there pretending to be " nice geeky" guys).

  4. @Slastena: * "A BIG HUG" * What a sweet comment! I hid his status from everyone but my friends do know I went out with him. We have had 2 dates at a friend's restaurant so ive always felt safe. I wont put myself in an uncomfortable situation so dont worry. Trust me he is a geek in every sense of the word. I have had a long term relationship with a "nice geeky" guy who was really a bad one. My guard is up, so is his. It will be slow. I honestly feel like I am going through a "courtship" Asian style so in case you dont know that is one extremely slow and conservative one hahaha. I think given his situation, that is the best route to take. Again, thank you dear for your concern, it really warms my heart. I will keep you updated! God bless!