Friday, June 11, 2010

So Nice!

Ok so I have posted that Mr. Wonderful was "wonderful" but then when Slastena (thanks dear =) !) enumerated what her friend went through, I had a realization that it was indeed a difficult situation. Like I said, on the first week we saw each other four times. The second week only once because... he has the kids this weekend so the entire weekday was spent working a lot so that the weekend would be devoted for the kids. Slastena was right. Even if he is great, I will always be put aside for the life that he had prior to his situation now. Although its admirable on his part, its not such a good feeling on my part. Rejection, is the word I despise but somehow I end up getting myself into. Its not his fault I feel rejected. He has communicated with me throughout the day until he got the kids and even set up a date for next week which I think I might decline. Then the week after that I will be out of the country for a while! That would be a nice transition I think. This situation is such a downer. It makes me think of this song by

Astrud Gilberto: So Nice. The one I found on youtube though is by Bebel Gilberto not sure how they are related but Astrud was married to her father Joao Gilberto but not sure if she's her mother. Anyway here it goes! just pause the ipod on the right so you can hear the embedded box.


Someone to hold me tight
That would be very nice
Someone to love me right
That would be very nice
Someone to understand
Each little dream in me
Someone to take my hand
To be a team with me

So nice, life would be so nice
If one day I'd find
Someone who would take my hand
And samba through life with me

Someone to cling to me
Stay with me right or wrong
Someone to sing to me
Some little samba song
Someone to take my heart
And give his heart to me
Someone who's ready to
Give love a start with me

Oh yes, that would be so nice
I could see you and me, that would be nice /Should it be you and me, I can see it would be nice!

Yeah...SO NICE INDEED when that happens for me!!! Thanks again ladies!


  1. I hope you have a great trip!

  2. Cece- I do not know what to say , sweets. I do not want to discourage you altogether from seeing a potentially great guy, but I don't want you to view a situation through the rosy glasses either.If you make a consious choice to enter the relationship, just be prepared for what it entails- you know what they say- for better, for worse.. That's all!:)

  3. @slastena: I know dear! I am stepping on the breaks big time. I just pray and I am trying not to feel but rather just think my way through this unusual circumstance =) The key word is trying! hahaha