Sunday, June 6, 2010


Ok so Mr. Wonderful is a geek. I met with him today for coffee. We live about an hour away from each other. He asked me what I was doing for the day and I said my parents and I were going to church and do some shopping. He asked if it happened to be on his side of the town I said yes. He said he could be where I would be if I wanted so I said yes. I said not to worry, parents wont be there hahaha. So yes, we met up for coffee at a bookstore. He was wearing a polo shirt which was too big for him, shorts and sandals. I on the other hand was wearing jeans, a nice top, wedges, and was well accessorized. hahaha So instead of getting turned off by this man, I was more amused and fascinated! He rushed to the bookstore, we had a nice conversation, I did most of the talking and he was attentively listening. He's shy and geeky but smart and attentive! We were rudely interrupted by a 2 year old boy who gave me his bottle =) It was just adorable because the boy just came up to me and wouldnt leave me alone. He then went up to Mr. Wonderful and stared at him like he was mad! If I had my Flip with me it would have been priceless!

So after scrutinizing his face while he was talking and smiling at me, I thought to myself he is the total opposite of pretty boy! He is not flirtatious nor charming and definitely not a hunk but boy did I find myself smiling and relaxed talking to him. I dont know why my guard is down when I talk to "geeks" when an ex who broke my heart and shattered it to pieces was the epitome of a geek!!!

I think I need to get my guard up, geeks arent necessarily harmless! He is such a gentleman though. I think his pacing will be slow which is what I need so its all good. It will give me enough time to size him up and back out when needed. He is not aggressive but he is attentive which is a good thing. I hope he's a different kind of geek though...I seriously could not afford another massive heartbreak!

Fingers still crossed, and wishing someone will love me soon, whoever it may be =( what a sad statement but I sincerely wish that! If only grown men will act like the 2 year old boy and just go up to me without hesitation, share with me something that he lives for so selflessly and show the other men that he is claiming me hahaha. Gosh that really was a precious moment =)

I seriously hope I find the right kind of geek or pretty boy...I hope I really find my own "Mr. Wonderful"!!!

Thanks for your time ladies!

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