Monday, June 28, 2010


I know you all are probably thinking "this girl needs help!". I need to vent. So my friend and her boyfriend have this friend who I met last year when I visited them. Single, smart and nice guy. This year, when he found out I was here, he invited us to see a soccer game ( I am not a sporty girl ). We went and it was nice for pictures sake but I didnt understand a thing =) So after that we all went out to have drinks and went dancing. This guy was definitely interested in me. So to make the long story short, I found out from my friend's boyfriend that he was...However, her boyfriend had told him that I was seeing Mr. Wonderful. So now I look like a "player?". I told my friend's boyfriend I need to clear the situation. I have gone out on several dates, met the kids, but never even held hands or kissed him. What constitutes dating? Is physical affection affirmation of the status of your relationship? So although he is really wonderful, I really am confused of what my status is with Mr. Wonderful =( As for...lets call him Mr. Attraction he is really nice. I can sense that there really is a strong attraction between us. He held my hands while we were walking *sigh* it felt good. I dont know what it is but affection really gets a woman. Not lust! Affection. I wish Mr. Wonderful was affectionate but he's not. Maybe thats why I am analyzing the situation with him like there is no tomorrow! Its not even feeling its analyzing!

So the confusion is why did God send Mr. Attraction my way. He is not nearby, he is single and an eligible bachelor. I know he is interested, I dont want to be interested because I feel like I am cheating? I know, I know its a weird feeling. But since Mr. Wonderful introduced the kids to me, I feel like I have to be careful with my actions. AYAYAY!!! What is Mr. Attraction's purpose in my life?? I dont know ladies? I am just really confused =( I just want to be loved and to love! Reciprocated love is all I ask for!

thanks for your time!

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