Thursday, June 10, 2010


So my "Tony" added me to his facebook which has my phone number. He called. It was initially a nice conversation catching up on family, friends and his wife. Then before you know it he started telling me how he liked my pictures and then he brought up the past. At this point, I seriously was uncomfortable! So I told him things are different now, we arent in the same situation as we were when we were in school, he's married and I feel awkward. That just did it! I guess now I know why my instincts have always been to stay away and remain on the friend zone. I did have regrets but now I know why I did what I did...I DO NOT REGRET NOT GOING FOR HIM anymore!!! It made me think I would have died if I was married to him and he was calling some girl from his past to reminisce and give praises to. Just wrong! The man who I was just pinning for a few hours ago based on how he treated me in the past was just blasted off my life by the past. Life is just full of irony. Now I am just thankful God made me realize why things happened and it was His way of saying that although I may not understand certain things that happen in my life, there is a reason behind it and it has always been for my own good. It takes a while for me to arrive at that realization but I am glad when the point comes when I really question, God answers loudly!

Thank you ladies!!!

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