Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4th date update

So I get a text today from Mr. Wonderful asking if I wanted to go out again, I said sure. When do you want to visit? He said tonight ok? He had to go back to work though so I texted him I was already about to have dinner so maybe some other time or maybe I can have an appetizer while he had dinner. After an hour he sent me a text that he wouldnt mind driving an hour after having a long day just to have dinner with me...how can I resist...I said yes! He is just wonderful! I am getting scared. 4 dates in 1 week and he's really a busy man! I dont want to feel happy. I am scared and nervous! We had great conversation! We laughed and shared so many stories and he even shared his food with me =) OMG I am really scared. I dont want it to go away and I dont know what to do??? I am just going to play it chill but its hard to ignore feeling special. He does make me feel special. I guess I will trust God that He has a plan. I have yet so much to ask. Religion, relationship views etc. I just want to say, tonight I felt like someone likes me a lot... a feeling that absolutely feels amazing! So I will enjoy it tonight for "tomorrow is another day!" =)

Thanks for listening ladies!

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