Friday, May 21, 2010

Pretty Boy

K its been three weeks since I last met pretty boy...boy o boy I really cant keep my mind off him. He was just so attractive! I was just VERY attracted! I just needed to vent, I honestly havent had a huge crush in such a long time! LOL I can ladies, Im single so no harm in having one right? ;)

He is the one on the picture...lovely smile, pretty face, seductive eyes, and a sexy body. *sigh* Hope I meet someone like him again! Thanks for your time ladies. Mwah! Have a great weekend!


  1. Cece, hope you find someone you are looking for. I usually say if he did not stick, he was not THAT attractive. :) Fate is preparing something super special for you, just wait ( but wait proactively ).

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  3. @Slastena: You are so sweet dear! He was too young, in age and behavior but physically, what most of us are looking for ;) I am still hoping to come across the super special one but geez...fingers crossed coz its scary to see whats out there. Havent really been proactive though. I guess the only way I have been proactive is through trying to dress as fabulous as you ;) hoping someone will take notice hahaha. Have fun on your vacation dear! Thanks for your time!