Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Lake House

Have any of you seen the movie The Lake House? Its a Sandra Bullock movie. I had it on queue on my Netflix and didnt realize it would come during this whole cheating scandal she is facing right now.

Anyway, this movie really made me sad. I am not sure if it is just hormones thats making me feel sad. The whole movie is just about being alone and having no one. I guess, I can relate to the characters in that way. I didnt realize how heavy it is to bear such an emotion. Seeing it on screen made my emotions real and tangible somehow. The question in the movie was what if there isnt anyone waiting for us at all? I mean I know most of you are married or are in a relationship but for those who are single, hasnt that thought crossed your mind? What if there is no such thing as someone out there meant to be mine? At this point in the movie, I just felt a dagger pierce my heart. What if there really isnt anyone to share life with? What if I am one of those who was just given a momentary phase to experience love then hurt and never again to experience both. Ironic that Sandra Bullock in real life, thought she had someone but in the end realized she didnt or doesnt anymore.

I know i am getting really cheezy. I never thought all the emotions I have kept in me would come rushing out just from a very plain movie. Its not like "The Notebook" that was a tearjerker. However, somehow this really hit close to heart. The emotion of existing but not belonging to anyone is overwhelming. I have not shared it with people I know but Im glad I am able to do so with all of you who dont really know me. Quiet sadness is the worse kind of sadness. I would much rather be balling but I find myself drowning in sad thoughts rather than tears .

Thanks for the time. I just needed to vent.


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  2. And with regards to having cheesy movies hit close to home and pull out emotions you have long buried...I agree. I find that has happened to me a few times with movies or books...

  3. @Jordyn: Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment and taking the time to read my venting =) It is therapy for me to be able to just watch movies and extract the saddest emotion I have buried deep inside. My friends go to me when they have problems and I find myself giving wonderful advice but I dont open up to anyone which is quite ironic. My friends think I am able to solve my own problems with ease but on the contrary I find myself having so much difficulty. So I am lucky to have movies which every so often I can relate to and just allow me to release all the pent up emotions =)