Monday, August 24, 2009


I got the gallery tote which I absolutely loved...yes loved! I have a very big problem with it...It absorbs color like theres no tomorrow!!!

I wore an old pair of jeans which I have washed many times and never bled through my other clothes. However, the white gallery tote was all blue where it rubbed on my jeans as I was carrying it. How do I take it out? Do you ladies have the same experience? Have any of you purchased and had the same experience but was able to remedy it? For those who have the black, does the dye from the black one rub onto your light color clothes? I really do like this handbag but dislike the fact that it looks soooo blue! Its not even dirt or dust but dyes!

HELP PLEASE... have any of you used a leather protector spray or lotion for this handbag? If so, kindly share what works... Thanks =)