Sunday, July 12, 2009

worth it!

I cant say anything more than WOOHOO (my mom hates it when I say that =)! I love both bags!!! I know, we all feel the same after getting a new handbag right? I agree, but these bags are just worth it! They are going to be wonderful additions to my handbag collection. I have to say though that the editor tote is large. I shortened the chain that was hanging coz it is definitely an accident waiting to happen. It looks better shorter. I will definitely post pictures soon. Its easy to shorten, just remove one end of chain from the ring and loop it to the desired length. You need to divide the length of the links you want to remove equally on both sides. I took out 4 on each side. Basically attached the 5th link then looped the dangling end as well. I really like it! Oh yeah, the color is more of a really light grey not white. Its a color that can be used all year long. As for the gallery tote, I find the length of the strap to be short so I think I will just wear it without the strap. The color is more like butter not white at all. So for those wanting a white bag, these bags wont do.

By the way, I saw these bags on other sites other than jcrew and they were selling for way more and to make things worse, they had pen marks on the label and others had the jcrew label cut off. They said to prevent returns...I think that is so wrong for the store to do that to consumers right? Even items that are sold at garage sales dont have the labels cut off. I would never pay for something that the seller sell under the condition that the label gets cut off. I think thats just bad business. Im not sure if thats the manager's call or jcrew's. What do you guys think?

I'll end this by saying...Im satisfied with the purchase. Its been a while since I have made a purchase from jcrew but this was one deal Im glad I didnt miss out on =)


  1. They are gorgeous - so glad you are happy with them. I can't wait to see IRL pics!!

  2. HeidiG: Thanks dear =) you are really such a sweet person. I can wait to post them, have to find an outfit first ;)