Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Martin BASH-ir

I just want to share my thoughts after having a Michael Jackson filled day. I logged on to CNN.com and saw the video of the rehearsal 2 days prior to Michael's death...I dont know what it is but it made me shed a tear. For me it manifested how Michael loved what he did. He wasnt dancing to show off that he was great, he was just himself. He did feel every beat of the song and his body just moved with it perfectly. There was a part where I thought they purposely hit the slow-motion button but it when I looked at the dancers in the back, it was obvious that it was just part of the choreography. Michael just really interpreted his dance steps with precision! At the very end of it, when they dimmed the lights, he smiled and I just saw peace, joy and contentment. He really was an artist who entertained his fans but had no intent to show off that he was great, he just performed to his best ability.

For the status that he has reached, he never really has that "attitude" that the new artists have. I was watching parts of the BET awards and tribute to Michael and was really turned off at the "attitude" that Jamie Foxx, and the rest of the artists had, it really seemed like they felt like they were great. Michael exudes humility in every clip that I have seen since his death. I am not a Michael Jackson fanatic but since his life story is all that you see on tv, I gave in and tried to learn more about him.

All I knew about Michael was his music and dance steps... Ok here comes the support for my post title...After having seen the Martin Bashir's interview, my heart broke. I didnt realize how misunderstood he was. It was obvious in the interview that he does have psychological issues but as far as seeing an evil bone or malicious intent in him, I honestly did not see one bit of it. Bash-ir on the other hand, was just mean spirited. For him to get that interview and twist words and issues was just so obviously done for controversy. His criticism on Michael's actions during the entire interview was so unfair. He made them on the point of view of an ordinary man with a different culture compared to the person he was interviewing. I thought it was not a good interview at all because he did not empathize nor try to understand Michael's behavior but it was rather obvious that he was out to sensationalize it. Case and point, he said that Michael taking the kids to the zoo was not normal and that it was an abnormal scenario for the kids and Michael didnt think it was, well it was normal to Michael because that is what he grew up knowing. He lived his life seeing all that as normal. Bashir had no right to say it wasnt. To me its like growing up a vegan and being told all your life that eating meat is murder and then seeing people devouring pounds of meat at a Brazilian buffet would make you think they are murderers right. One cannot begin to empathize with him unless they have lived a life similar to his. My heart really broke after watching that 2003 interview. Bashir was focused to bash Michael. He was mean and disrespectful when he asked him questions. He wasnt out to know Michael, he was set to judge him and put more controversy around the man who naturally showed a kind and pure heart. I loved how Michael said plastic surgery wasnt done because of Michael Jackson, people do it everyday. MJ was right, people just want to judge and be mean.

Yikes...this is too long and im sure boring to most but I just wanted to express how sad it makes me feel that people hounded him because he was odd. People rarely focused on the good he has done and the many lives he has changed for the better through his music and humanitarian acts. In my lifetime I know there will only be one Michael Jackson. No artist in the industry can compare to him. Till the end he proved to all of us that he was pure talent as showcased on that last video of him but despite all that he ended it with a humble smile.

I add on to this original post I started a few days back, today Michael was finally put to rest. I never have cried much for someone I really didnt know but I shed many tears today after watching the memorial for him. It was just beautiful, solemn and dignified. Just what Michael deserved. At the end of his journey everyone's behavior was a reflection of how Michael lived his life, full of respect, kindness and love. Let us all say a prayer for everyone he has left behind. Thanks Michael for all that you have done, I love you!


  1. What a wonderful tribute! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have had such strong feelings about his passing. My heart is with all those that ache.

  2. GIGIofCA: Thanks for appreciating my thoughts and feelings. It was really quite difficult for me to write this coz I dont have any personal connection to him but was really deeply moved over the past few days of how one human being can be so selfless yet still be persecuted by many. I just thought the least I could do was express my gratitude. Though long and probably an incoherent post, it was my attempt to share with those who visit my blog, my emotions towards his untimely passing. Thanks again!