Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jon we hate not kate??

Ok I know its wrong to say the word hate but I couldnt resist the title. It has been less than a month since I saw the episode announcing their divorce. I couldnt believe how fast Jon has found someone else and to top it all...she's the daughter of Kate's doctor! Well, I take it back, Jon has replaced Kate way before the divorce.

Ive seen pictures on the net and it really breaks my heart to see Jon with someone else, smoking and drinking in Europe while Kate was grocery shopping for her kids here in the states. I have to say that although Kate wasnt really the nicest wife on earth, she doesnt deserve this type of humiliation. I honestly think that her behavior stemmed from the stress of dealing with her household. If Kate really had a bad character, she would have lambasted Jon way before the divorce and even when she was asked about how she felt that Jon was holding hands with someone in Europe. That speaks volumes of her character. A woman scorned would usually say the worst things but she kept her composure and was just quiet about it.

I dont know, Im sure she's in pain. I think no matter how mad one is at someone, hurt always wins over anger. Im so sure she is in so much pain.

When I saw Jon spending time with his new girlfriend and the designer for Ed Hardy, it dawned on me that he was wearing Ed Hardy way before the divorce. I even remembered saying wow, Jon is wearing Ed Hardy stuff, he must have a stylist now(indeed he did...his new gf). Its so farfetched to buy EH stuff since he was clearly a BR or Gap fan. Boy did it make sense. He probably was already seeing that girl ( yes girl) during that time. Well, I know that you can buy Ed Hardy anywhere but its just so unlikely that he would pick it himself. Oh well thats just my theory.

I dont like Jon anymore!!! He just transformed into a "jerk looking" guy overnight! I mean come on, he wasnt the nicest husband either but seeing those pics just propelled him to a different status of "jerkness". I honestly feel bad for the kids. Im sure they will see all these when theyre older and they will be hurt by all of it. They dont deserve that, they are great children! Very well behaved and intelligent! Wow, its so sad when men stray. Its more sad when they do it more than once. Now there isnt a chance in the world that Kate will take him back...NONE! I hope not!!! It sucks when men can make mistakes and repent and be taken back and adored coz he is considered a "changed man" but when women stray, the stigma stays with her until the day she dies.

Lessons to be learned... I think that when we marry we shouldnt forget that we are a partner as much as we are moms to our kids. We should refrain from being/acting like a mom to our husbands. Lastly, I think women who see men who are happy and married should just appreciate that from afar and try to emulate that by finding one for themselves but not stealing that man away from his family. Oftentimes, that is the scenario and it breaks up families and scars the people involved forever. So ladies try to find your own man, if he left someone for you, chances are he will leave you for someone else so that is nothing to be flattered about(just like Jon left his first gf for this new one).

Ok I think I shouldnt have used "we" coz I am still single and dont have any children but you know what I mean ;) Thanks for listening!


  1. I totally agree!!! I used to "hate" Kate..she was always so demanding, picky, and just plain annoying but she always thought about her kids. But the way Jon has been acting lately is just ridiculous...and I agree he totally had that skank waiting in the wings and has probably been dating her for months now...I too "hate" him:)

  2. Hi Jordyn! I know, he must have been dating her for a while now. So sad. That girl is giving in to impulse thinking "wow, I must be special coz he left them for me"...wait till the next girl comes along! Jon is so disappointing but hey didnt he leave his girlfriend for Kate? Old dog and old tricks =) Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Hope you visit again =)

  3. You know what they say...when a man marries his mistress, he created a job opening...

  4. HeidiG: I have never heard that one before! I love it! So true, so true!

  5. Why don't I get the job opening comment? Sometimes I am slow!

    I felt sorry for Jon until recently & you make great points, Cece. He is acting like a fool. Sadly his kids will be able to Google this information for eternity. And even if they choose not to, someone will always be coming up to ask them about their parents. It's really tragic for them.

  6. It's easy to have a knee jerk hate reaction, but he did the right thing. He was miserable, and the kids would have suffered for it had he stayed and tried to phone it in. Instead of staying miserable until they turned 18, he took action to improve his own happiness. I'd rather have my kids around that, than around a mopey,poor me, victim of circumstances type.

  7. Gigi - when a man marries his mistress, she is now his wife - therefore he creates the job opening because he doesn't have a mistress any longer. So he can easily take a new mistress if he has those tendencies. Wow, that sounds SO lame when I spell it out!

  8. Gigiofca: I agree that his actions will be there for his kids to google, forever in the books! He should have been more considerate of his actions since he is no longer just a single man but a single DAD as well.

    Anon@8:38: It honestly isnt a knee jerk hate reaction for me. I liked Jon. Thought he was a great dad and was a amazing being able to take Kate's often harsh behavior. However, galavanting with 23 year old women, and often wasted while still married to his wife is not a behavior I would condone. He is not a teenage dad, he should have been man enough to just say no to Kate and file for divorce. Anon, I am not trying to argue with your opinion coz you have a point about people should not stay for the kids even if theyre miserable, but may I ask, if it were the other way around...if Kate had pictures drunk with a 23 year old man, or seen leaving his house early in the morning or sunbathing with another man as he looks on to her in her own backyard while still married to Jon, would it be as acceptable to you as you are accepting of Jon's behavior? I am not trying to say youre wrong at all, just want to get a different perspective on the issue =) Hope you respond.

    HeidiG:LOL it is so true though, a job opening for unqualified women most of the time. Not all the time but most of the time =)