Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Gilt-y " Eyes =)

Hello ladies! I received this today in the mail. They are soooo nice!!! Very light and well crafted. Check them out they are Barton Perriera sunglasses. This pair is titanium so you forget you have them on. I am soooo happy can you tell =) Too excited that I had to post. I promise to post pics of me wearing them next time. I swear ladies, you will love Gilt items. Its soooo worth sharing. Its addicting though like Jcrew so Im warning you ahead of time =) Do share with me if you bought anything... its always fun to hear about shopping =)


  1. Can't wait for the pics - they look fabbie!!

  2. HeidiG: Thanks for the comment dear =) Thanks for always acknowledging my always feels nice to know someone out there is reading my posts =) thanks again!!! I love them! Theyre soooo comfy! I will try to do them justice...=)