Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coral Polynesian dress

I finally got to wear this dress! Its part of the Jcrew collection. I had a previous post of the black and white version and was counting the days to be able to wear this color. I finally did wear it to a friend's daughter's baptism.
I love this dress!!! It is very comfortable!!!

Anyway, I guess Im posting pictures of an old Jcrew item to justify the fact that I chose to keep away from the mall today because I realized I still have clothes which I havent worn, stacked in my closet...this dress being one of them. Although not going to the mall today to enjoy the great deals might have been something I will regret, I know my wallet will thank me =) So there you go, I just figured, other wonderful ladies will be able to take advantage of the sale right? boohoohoo sob sob sob Im ok, im ok. LOL

Well, thats all ladies! For those who have this dress, do share with me how much you like yours =)


dress: Jcrew Collection Polynesian dress (coral)
necklace: custom made coin pearls (Philippines)
earrings: Barse Mother of Pearl
shoes: unisa wedge
bag: Louis Vuitton
watch: movado bangle


  1. You look so pretty in the dress! I love it.

  2. GIGIOFCA: Thanks! Thats so sweet of you =)

  3. Love the dress, and love love love it on you! What a fantastic and versatile dress!

  4. HeidiG: Thanks dear! Youre always so kind =) It is really a versatile dress! You can wear it with heels or with flip flops! Im glad I was able to grab it. =)