Saturday, July 4, 2009

Barton Perreira, my eyes adore you =)

So I finally was able to wear my glasses today. I have to say, I love them. I have better looking pairs of sunglasses but these I absolutely love! They are so light and comfortable and the lenses are just so clear and did I say light? yes I did. I couldnt stress it enough though because I have had pairs which were so heavy, they left nosepads marks! These on the other hand are so comfy. I forgot to take a pic of me wearing them outdoors so I took a few prior to changing into my jammies =) By the way, the top im wearing are Gap. I got many compliments from it. People thought Jcrew, Banana, Prada, Ralph Lauren...I said nope GAP =) Its so airy and fresh to wear. I warn you though, if you sweat a lot, this is not for you! It shows sweat marks like crazy! So you need to double up on antiperspirant LOL!!! I did!!! Other than that it looks lovely.

Thats all ladies! Till my next post =)


  1. Top is adorable and love the sunglasses! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I haven't encountered this brand before, but I have to agree with you- those sunglasses are divine!Looking awesome, Cece!

  3. HeidiG: Glad you like them...I am inlove with the sunglasses coz they are just so light! The top looks nice but the sweat marks just kill me! I am so tempted to have my armpits botoxed but nah...I dont want to mess with nature =) thanks for the comment.

    Slastena: They are a new brand but have been very popular in Hollywood I think its because of the extreme comfort and various styles. I saw some at Neiman's, you should check them out Im sure you will find one that you will love. You look so gorgeous pregnant! You do have the glow!!! God bless you dear! thanks for the comment.