Monday, June 22, 2009

so sad =(

I just thought I would share my thoughts on Jon & Kate plus 8 divorce.

It seems just like yesterday when I was caught up in watching a young couple struggling to raise 8 kids. It was one of the most entertaining and educational shows so far. I absolutely admired how a woman in her 20's was able to keep her house in order without falling apart. She always seemed to have energy even at the end of the day. I have to agree that Kate was harsh in many episodes. I think it really was a coping mechanism for her to be able to handle the stress of managing her household. Jon was there, supportive and quite. Seemed timid but I have already seen how Jon was also as apathetic towards Kate and she was to him. It was very apparent to me how even if Kate would show affection during the early years, Jon was very uncomfortable with it.

It saddens me that they are getting a divorce. It was obvious on the interviews that Kate was absolutely sad about it and Jon looked happy and relieved. He obviously has someone to turn to for comfort other than his wife because he seemed so cocky and secure with his newly pierced ears as compared to Kate who seemed to be falling apart.

Why do men always get the better part of the deal? In Jon's statement "im only 32" come on!!! So what? is Kate 60? Why do men think they can just let go and have a clean slate and other women just grab the bait? Either way, Jon gets the best of both worlds! He can go be with the young, stupid teacher, who obviously hit the jackpot either way coz she can always write a book or her story as the woman who broke the Gosselins up. At the same time, Jon can be the father whom the children will miss and adore when he visits. Poor Kate! Even if she wanted to have a relationship with whomever she chooses, it will look worse for her than for Jon. WHY??? Why does society dictate that women should be martyrs and men can always be the villain but are also always given the chance to become the hero?

I know Kate has her faults but Jon does too! Stupid teacher for even attempting to seduce Jon and have a relationship with him. All I can say is that Karma is a biyatch and this fling wont last but the destruction it has cost, will. The kids will grow up knowing and realizing it was Jon who broke up the family, not Kate. Jon found a way out and it was easier than admitting that he screwed up and cheated.

All I can do is pray to give Kate the strength to keep on being an amazing mother to her children. I pray for guidance and wisdom to do whats best for her and her children. I hope that there will be less of the "Jons" out there. Gosh, this announcement really made me so sad! I know there are worse news but having access to the parts of the reality of their lives make it an issue to ponder upon.

So friends, please say a prayer for Kate and for every other woman out there going through the same situation. =(


  1. Well done. I had many of the same feelings towards the show. And Jon's earrings? He's too much. I feel so badly for the pain she is experiencing. You have a very nice blog!

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  3. Hi STEPHANIE: Welcome to my blog =) It really broke my heart watching this whole thing unfold. I think they are victims of circumstance but I dont think they are abusing their kids in any way. Those kids are some of the most well behaved and disciplined children and its all thanks to Jon and Kate, mostly Kate. All we can do is pray for them. I will keep on watching the show because I think it is their blessing to have one as a means of livelihood and not all of us are given that so thats not their fault right? BOOOO to Aunt Jodi!

    Thanks again =) Hope you will frequent my blog =)