Wednesday, June 3, 2009

shirt dress

I just love shirt dresses! i thought Id share the pics of my GREEN +) dress. I think shirt dresses are the best thing ever! Theyre very comfy even if theyre more structured than most dresses. Still carrying the gold tote =) I know theyre very similar pics but one shows my shoes well...partly LOL I hate my face on that one but its the only one that shows the entire outfit. Maybe I will have better luck next time =)

thats all =)

ok, since the blogs contain the description of the outfits, here's my first attempt at it ;)

dress: tahari
shoes: woven leather wedge, unisa
bag: gold thompson tote large, jcrew
earrings: tigers eye, ralph lauren
watch: gold/tiger's eye face, michael kors


  1. Love that dress on you - color is gorgeous on you and cut is great. Love the shoes, too!

  2. That's a great shirt dress! Great color on you and the fit is just right.

  3. HeidiG: Thanks for your sweetness =) you are always kind with your coments thanks =)

  4. Summerilla: Thanks for visiting my blog =) I do love the color! Its rare that I buy a dress thats a solid green color but when I saw this I said this would be the green dress ;) The fit is absolutely comfortable! Thanks again for your comment =)

  5. You look so great in that color! Love the Thompson tote on you, too. ;-)

  6. GIGIofCA: thanks for your sweet comment =) I love the color too!!! the thompson tote is just adorable...thanks again Slastena!!! If she didnt post pics, I would have just passed and not have searched for it! Im so glad we all share pictures. We should be paid for advertising their products LOL

  7. Love that dress!