Friday, June 5, 2009

green again!

hello ladies! i wore another green item! dont have the name of it but thought id share the pics. Not my fault there are horns above me. Not my doing ;) this shirt is so comfortable!!! Got many compliments on it =) Ok, thats all...have a great weekend ladies ;)

shirt: jcrew
jeans: banana republic
watch: movado bangle
purse: Louis vuitton
shoes: I forgot =)


  1. Love the shoes - way chic. Tee is very cute, too.

  2. HeidiG: Thanks for the comment. The shoes are very comfortable! It was unexpected but Im so thankful that they are coz they just go with everything! The tee is comfy too but its one of those things you wear once then it gets lost in your pile of clothes LOL

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty- green is beautiful on you. Love the combo of green and tan.
    You have such a gorgeous face!:)))

  4. Slastena: Thank yo so much for you kind compliments as always =) Congratulations once again on your pregnancy! I cant wait to see you wearing your maternity clothes. You are absolutely glowing!!! My fingers are crossed that you will have a girl =)God bless!