Tuesday, June 30, 2009

oohh sooo gilty =)

I just checked an order I made today and its on its way...its a new pair of sunglasses that was over 75% off and its by Barton Perriera and is still full price at Neiman Marcus. I had posted it earlier but thought I'd share the link once again for my new friends =) I swear, you wont regret it. This site has a lot of high end designers and is always at least 50% off. Just wanted to share another of my "Gilty" pleasures. Enjoy!!!!

oohh la la

Hello ladies! Just wanted to share the wonderful finds on this site. I know you are all savvy shoppers like me so I know you would appreciate this site. You wont regret it. The items and bargains are just extremely wonderful!!! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

yellow on a brick road =),

After all the sad news of death on tv, I thought that I should wear something bright to pick up the mood.

I dont have much to say except that I pray that they all rest in peace.

On a lighter note, I love this dress! I dont recall the name but it is EXTREMELY comfortable. I wore it for lunch and wore wedge sandals with it and then wore my comfy rubber sole shoes. Both pairs looked great with the dress so I love, love, love the dress =) Just thought Id share. Have a great week!

dress: Jcrew size 4
shoes: (wedge) Unisa
(rubber shoes) cole haan air G series
earrings: Pewter dangling...forgot the brand =)
watch: Michelle
bracelet: black: onyx Tiffany toggle
"evil eye" bracelet sterling

Monday, June 22, 2009

so sad =(

I just thought I would share my thoughts on Jon & Kate plus 8 divorce.

It seems just like yesterday when I was caught up in watching a young couple struggling to raise 8 kids. It was one of the most entertaining and educational shows so far. I absolutely admired how a woman in her 20's was able to keep her house in order without falling apart. She always seemed to have energy even at the end of the day. I have to agree that Kate was harsh in many episodes. I think it really was a coping mechanism for her to be able to handle the stress of managing her household. Jon was there, supportive and quite. Seemed timid but I have already seen how Jon was also as apathetic towards Kate and she was to him. It was very apparent to me how even if Kate would show affection during the early years, Jon was very uncomfortable with it.

It saddens me that they are getting a divorce. It was obvious on the interviews that Kate was absolutely sad about it and Jon looked happy and relieved. He obviously has someone to turn to for comfort other than his wife because he seemed so cocky and secure with his newly pierced ears as compared to Kate who seemed to be falling apart.

Why do men always get the better part of the deal? In Jon's statement "im only 32" come on!!! So what? is Kate 60? Why do men think they can just let go and have a clean slate and other women just grab the bait? Either way, Jon gets the best of both worlds! He can go be with the young, stupid teacher, who obviously hit the jackpot either way coz she can always write a book or her story as the woman who broke the Gosselins up. At the same time, Jon can be the father whom the children will miss and adore when he visits. Poor Kate! Even if she wanted to have a relationship with whomever she chooses, it will look worse for her than for Jon. WHY??? Why does society dictate that women should be martyrs and men can always be the villain but are also always given the chance to become the hero?

I know Kate has her faults but Jon does too! Stupid teacher for even attempting to seduce Jon and have a relationship with him. All I can say is that Karma is a biyatch and this fling wont last but the destruction it has cost, will. The kids will grow up knowing and realizing it was Jon who broke up the family, not Kate. Jon found a way out and it was easier than admitting that he screwed up and cheated.

All I can do is pray to give Kate the strength to keep on being an amazing mother to her children. I pray for guidance and wisdom to do whats best for her and her children. I hope that there will be less of the "Jons" out there. Gosh, this announcement really made me so sad! I know there are worse news but having access to the parts of the reality of their lives make it an issue to ponder upon.

So friends, please say a prayer for Kate and for every other woman out there going through the same situation. =(

Saturday, June 13, 2009

still grinning with green =)

Ok so I couldnt find anything to wear to this vow renewal ceremony. Went through my closet and to my disbelief, I disliked everything I tried on!!! Where was this feeling when I was shopping Jcrew? Why is it easier to choose what to buy but so much harder to choose what to wear??? So after having gone through dozens of clothes, I finally saw this dress, tried it on and since it fit I decided to wear this. So the day of the event, I put the dress on, tied the back and totally forgot that I didnt button the back of the dress, glad an aunt of mine pointed it out to me LOL then my mom noticed that I had twisted the neckline of the dress had, to undo the tie to make it right +) ok the icing on the cake was that an aunt told me that the tag was hanging on the dress...LOL!!! Wearing this dress was a fun experience for me! I love it and got many compliments. Even my two nieces and nephew kept on touching the material of the dress. They loved it on me so that made me happy =) I know its last year's or even the year before but I adore this dress and just wanted to share =) Have a good Sunday ladies!

dress: Jcrew Collection
Shoes: banana republic
earrings: gold with rose quartz ( believed to attract your soulmate) ( didnt work for me today though =(

Friday, June 5, 2009

green again!

hello ladies! i wore another green item! dont have the name of it but thought id share the pics. Not my fault there are horns above me. Not my doing ;) this shirt is so comfortable!!! Got many compliments on it =) Ok, thats all...have a great weekend ladies ;)

shirt: jcrew
jeans: banana republic
watch: movado bangle
purse: Louis vuitton
shoes: I forgot =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

shirt dress

I just love shirt dresses! i thought Id share the pics of my GREEN +) dress. I think shirt dresses are the best thing ever! Theyre very comfy even if theyre more structured than most dresses. Still carrying the gold tote =) I know theyre very similar pics but one shows my shoes well...partly LOL I hate my face on that one but its the only one that shows the entire outfit. Maybe I will have better luck next time =)

thats all =)

ok, since the blogs contain the description of the outfits, here's my first attempt at it ;)

dress: tahari
shoes: woven leather wedge, unisa
bag: gold thompson tote large, jcrew
earrings: tigers eye, ralph lauren
watch: gold/tiger's eye face, michael kors

Monday, June 1, 2009


Just thought Id share some random pics wearing this blue jcrew shirt. I forgot what the name of the shirt is but its just sooooooooo comfy!!! It just so happened my mom and dad were wearing blue as well =)

gold thompson tote

Hello ladies =) I know I havent posted in a while but sometimes things just get hectic ;) Anyway, thought Id share how thankful I am for the beautiful weather over the weekend. Here are pics of the lovely plants that are in full growth speed where Im at. Wearing Jcrew tank and white jeans and the elusive gold Thompson tote which I drooled over after seeing Slastena carry one on her Vegas trip =) Thanks again Slastena!!! It was a long hunt but Im glad I was able to snag one and the guava color as well...love this bag!!!