Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer is here! Ok, Spring LOL

I have writers block!!! Couldnt seem to finish a post hahaha. Ok, here goes my attempt...

It has been quite hot here. I went to a friends gathering and couldnt pick out what to wear. I was feeling a little "blah" until I saw this dress in my closet!

It was just perfect for the weather. It really picked my mood up coz the color was just bright and happy! To top it all, it was just $14 from WalMart. Yes ladies, WalMart. I saw it as I was doing my grocery shopping and the color just drew me in. My mom tried to talk me out of it saying that the quality might not be good etc etc. I said its on sale for $14 and she said oh yeah? go ahead!

SALE seems to be the magic word for many women and my mom is no exception. She couldnt be happier to see me wear it knowing that I was able to purchase it at a discount! Reminds me of a blog where she bought 48 bags of Lindt truffles coz it was on SALE for $0.35/bag. I would have done the same Crew_girl_in_Canada =) Yes I know the word SALE makes us do things we cannot control LOL!

I love the dress! Its a cotton/gauzy material that is a little bit shorter than a maxi dress but it showed off my favorite gladiator sandals so I was happy and the best was $14!!! I love Jcrew but there is no passing up such a wonderful summer dress =)

May this post send warm weather to those who are still in sweaters =)

Forgive my look, just focus on the dress. It was very comfortable to wear and I was in flat shoes so I just felt like putting make up on would have just ruined my relaxed feeling =) I promise to at least put some lipstick on for my next picture posts...I'll try ;)


  1. Even without lipstick, you still look beautiful! Love the dress - such a gorgeous color, and you look so comfy. I'm all about comfy clothes.

  2. You are too kind HeidiG! I look so tired in this pic! LOL I admit that coz I had to find a pretty color to take away from my drab looking face hahaha. I was indeed very comfy except that the slip that I had to wear was one of those polyester things my mom gave me and it made it hot! But I had to wear one coz the dress was unlined +)

  3. Cece, love the layout of your blog- such a cherful place to visit! Especially adore the chicks rule gadget, sooo cute!!!

  4. SLASTENA: awww thanks! This blog thing is addicting! I find myself trying to add stuff but since Im new to this, I keep on making lots of errors LOL! I love the dancing chicks, specially when the fast songs play coz it does seem like theyre dancing to the song hahaha! Glad you like it dear!