Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ok so I have been posting how Spring is here and Summer isnt so far away! I just thought this picture was appropriate for this post, here it goes!

We all know that unless we have been "botoxed" in the armpits, we sweat. I have long been using Secret Platinum Clear Gel in Vanilla Chai and I have loved it! It worked as both antiperspirant and deodorant. I have tried many before including those clinical strength one but this is what worked for me. UNFORTUNATELY, THEY CHANGED IT!!! Now they have a VaVa Vanilla but I think the formulation has changed. Its sticky! I am in such a panic as the temperature constantly increases.

Lets get one thing straight, I dont stink ;) I am just extremely obsessed with not having wet marks on clothes when the weather becomes unbearable. So far, the Clinical strength Secret works but the only thing I dislike is how it leaves white marks on my clothes. I am not that careful when I put my clothes on but I know I just need to be to avoid it. However, the sleeveless shirts are the ones that give me a problem coz it leaves a white mark and is visible.

What do you suggest ladies? What do you use personally? What have your experiences been so far with your personal choices?

Thanks in advance ;)



  1. Would love to hear other feedback, because the Secret Clinical Strength is what works best for me - but yes, gahhh, those white marks.

    This is the little bit that I know - putting on at night before bed on a regular basis allows you to wear less/none during the day. I always forget this, of course. Maybe I'll remember tonight. :) Also, when I have to wear dark and/or sleeveless, I'll try to deod earlier and be much more careful about using less. HTH!

    also - love the design - looks fantastic!! (what did you do?)

  2. HeidiG: I already do that, the night application. I've always done that since I was in Asia. The weather there is just so hot that I always used deodorant after I take a shower at night and in the morning. So when left, I still had that habit of using deodorant twice a day. Unfortunately, the white marks is what I really despise! It never fails to leave white marks on my clothes. The Platinum clear gel was just the best! But as far as being a deodorant and antiperspirant goes, the Clinical strength does work well.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Im glad you like the design! I just picked it up from "" I picked it out and then changed the colors of the fonts to make it work and added some gadgets. I also changed the template on my blog to have that floating effect. It was all trial and error coz I dont really know much about all this. Glad you like it though =) thanks ;)

  3. I'm in the same boat you are. For the longest time I used Secret Platinum Soft Solid, unscented. Then they discontinued it, gah! I saw on their web site that the Flawless unscented is the replacement, but it is nothing like the Platinum! It is sticky and wet all day long! Argh! So now I will have to start the process of buying different deodorants until I find one I like. So frustrating!

  4. ANON: Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. Yeah it is soooo annoying to start the search all over again. I find the Clinical strength to work well and it smells good, not overpowering. Just fresh and clean but it leaves horrendous marks on my clothes!!! That is what I really dislike about it. If they come up with a clear gel platinum formulation with the strength of the clinical one that would be perfection! Let me know what you find as a replacement k? I have searched different drugstores but they are out of the platinum one =(

  5. I am staying away from all deodorants with aluminum oxide in them and use natural formulas, which, alas, do not work as well.. Good thing, I rarely sweat.:)

  6. You are one of the lucky ones dear! I want to botox my sweat glands but I feel like it might disrupt something. God placed it there for a reason =) So I am still searching for the perfect deodorant. Its as hard as finding the perfect man...maybe just like a man, there isnt a perfect one ;)

  7. oh that comment was a response to you Slastena =)