Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Jcrew Obsession

I just thought id post some pics of some of my previous Jcrew items. Stumbling on Slastena's blog due to my Jcrew item search made me interested in reading blogs and seeing pictures that people post. I thought I'd post some pictures to make my blog more interesting =) Thanks Slastena!!!


  1. Cece, first of all- congratulations on a great start! Blogging is fun way to meet new people and make some friends!
    Secondly, you are GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for posting the pics. I am looking forward to reading your blog and see more of you in your lovely outfits!
    BTW, I have to get my paisley top out after seeing you in it, so pretty on you!

  2. Hi Slastena! Thanks for following my blog! Im so excited! Finally a comment =) Awww such kind words my dear...thanks =) You honestly really inspired me to start blogging. Your blog is the first one that really caught my attention and do follow. Blogging is fun! Not sure how great I will be updating my blog. I wish I will be as conscientious as you in updating. Here's to us ladies inspiring one another! Glad you like my pics =)


  3. What season was that blue & white dress from? Love love love it!!

    Congrats on starting your blog!! Can't wait to see/read more!!

  4. Hey Heidi,

    I dont remember. It was still available last December. I'll give you the style number its 94745. Its more purple in person but it never translates in the pictures no matter which camera I use +) Its soooo comfy! Theres a similar knit with the hand printed design as well I think its called the Polynesian dress style number 91579 which is part of the Jcrew Collection Spring 08. I will be wearing that dress in 2 weeks. I will post some pics of that...love the knit and print!!!

    Hope that helps.

  5. Here are the links to the dresses



    Hope this helps!

  6. Love love love the black & white Polynesian print, too! Can't wait to see pics. I am a huge fan of dresses, esp in warmer weather - they are just so easy! Admittedly, I didn't get back to dresses until my kids were out of diapers, but I do love them. Thanks for sharing the links!!

  7. HeidiG, I love dresses for warm weather they just cool you down and make you feel breezy =) I cant wait to wear the Polynesian print I loved the fit of the black and white one that I got the coral one as well! I do hope you will be able to find it! Maybe they can do a we will search it for you. Good luck!