Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hello ladies! No one replied to my earlier post, which made me sad =( Here's something that might change the mood...a good sale event!

I dont know how to add a link so just copy and paste the link for now! Happy shopping!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ok so I have been posting how Spring is here and Summer isnt so far away! I just thought this picture was appropriate for this post, here it goes!

We all know that unless we have been "botoxed" in the armpits, we sweat. I have long been using Secret Platinum Clear Gel in Vanilla Chai and I have loved it! It worked as both antiperspirant and deodorant. I have tried many before including those clinical strength one but this is what worked for me. UNFORTUNATELY, THEY CHANGED IT!!! Now they have a VaVa Vanilla but I think the formulation has changed. Its sticky! I am in such a panic as the temperature constantly increases.

Lets get one thing straight, I dont stink ;) I am just extremely obsessed with not having wet marks on clothes when the weather becomes unbearable. So far, the Clinical strength Secret works but the only thing I dislike is how it leaves white marks on my clothes. I am not that careful when I put my clothes on but I know I just need to be to avoid it. However, the sleeveless shirts are the ones that give me a problem coz it leaves a white mark and is visible.

What do you suggest ladies? What do you use personally? What have your experiences been so far with your personal choices?

Thanks in advance ;)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer is here! Ok, Spring LOL

I have writers block!!! Couldnt seem to finish a post hahaha. Ok, here goes my attempt...

It has been quite hot here. I went to a friends gathering and couldnt pick out what to wear. I was feeling a little "blah" until I saw this dress in my closet!

It was just perfect for the weather. It really picked my mood up coz the color was just bright and happy! To top it all, it was just $14 from WalMart. Yes ladies, WalMart. I saw it as I was doing my grocery shopping and the color just drew me in. My mom tried to talk me out of it saying that the quality might not be good etc etc. I said its on sale for $14 and she said oh yeah? go ahead!

SALE seems to be the magic word for many women and my mom is no exception. She couldnt be happier to see me wear it knowing that I was able to purchase it at a discount! Reminds me of a blog where she bought 48 bags of Lindt truffles coz it was on SALE for $0.35/bag. I would have done the same Crew_girl_in_Canada =) Yes I know the word SALE makes us do things we cannot control LOL!

I love the dress! Its a cotton/gauzy material that is a little bit shorter than a maxi dress but it showed off my favorite gladiator sandals so I was happy and the best was $14!!! I love Jcrew but there is no passing up such a wonderful summer dress =)

May this post send warm weather to those who are still in sweaters =)

Forgive my look, just focus on the dress. It was very comfortable to wear and I was in flat shoes so I just felt like putting make up on would have just ruined my relaxed feeling =) I promise to at least put some lipstick on for my next picture posts...I'll try ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally...a follower! Thanks Slastena!!!

Ok, so I have one follower =) Its so nice of you Slastena to be the first one! I do hope I get more. Its nice to know someone out there is reading your blog. Geez, what have I done??? How have I managed to find another medium where I can be rejected? ignored? Men do come in many forms dont they? LOL Ok, I am not man bashing. Just speaking from experience hahaha.

On a lighter note, just wanted to share pictures of sandals which we wore for a wedding I attended in Asia. They are not J.Crew but they do sure look like them! This was taken in February and these kinds of shoes were just everywhere! Glad I got to keep mine! Yeah my friend paid for the clothes, shoes and makeup...I got lucky =) Cant seem to crop very well...wanted to take out my friend's brother's image but wont let me erase it. Had to emphasize that coz ladies... I am still single LOL! Long story...ex BF cheated on me etc etc etc. So Im now more cautious and extremely praying for the best man God has picked out for me, to cross my path soon! I want him to see me in my Jcrew outfits while they still fit me!!! LOL!!!

My Jcrew Obsession

I just thought id post some pics of some of my previous Jcrew items. Stumbling on Slastena's blog due to my Jcrew item search made me interested in reading blogs and seeing pictures that people post. I thought I'd post some pictures to make my blog more interesting =) Thanks Slastena!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

To Twitt or not to twitt

I had several invites to join Twitter these past few weeks. I finally did and the day after, I saw Ashton Kutcher and P.diddy on CNN talking about it. So I tried to log on and see what the hype was all about. I still dont get it! I might just be a dim-twitt LOL. I followed the twitts of the famous people but just felt like an outsider. I am not sure if I am utilizing Twitter correctly. I initially thought that it could be an online diary where I can just have a verbal diarrhea of how I feel at the moment but apparently that is what blogs are for hahaha. Twitter is like a shoutout central for those who dont want to have a site. Its like a Facebook wall of randomness. I just find it disorganized but then again maybe I just dont know how to use it! Have any of you Twitted? LOL