Thursday, December 31, 2009

Marc Jacobs Eyewear

Hello ladies! I came across this site and they are having Marc Jacobs eyewear marked down to more than 70% off and the available styles are nice and wearable...just thougth Id share.

Monday, December 28, 2009


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Sorry for the late greeting. Wish you all had a great one!

Do any of you remember the name of this coat? My friend really loves it but Im having a hard time searching it coz I forgot the name. thanks in advance =)
(had to cut my face off...had to much to eat since thanksgiving LOL_

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Just wanted to share that huge sunglasses mark down... sorry I posted a little late but there are still a lot of Hugo Boss ones left... The watches are marked down to ridiculous prices...check them out ladies...enjoy!

Friday, December 18, 2009


My CHI flat iron which I have used a few times broke out of the blue! I could not believe my eyes when I plugged it in and nothing! I was in a panic since its the season to spend time to fix my hair which I dont usually do... I didnt want to spend money on a flat iron since I rarely use it but thank goodness for my hesitation, I saw this great deal at which sells this whole set for$149.99 from $449 with free shipping. They are having an additional 10% off promo so I wanted to share it with you ladies incase you need one. I think its a great deal.

Do any of you have this? What do you think of this product? Is it worth the money?

Friday, December 4, 2009


I received the Kate Spade bag I ordered from GILT today!!! I am absolutely happy with it. The structure, color, materials, compartments, size (holds a lot without looking like a carryon luggage), and hardware... just lovely! I will post more pics. I took out my Jcrew Lucido coat and it looks great together =) I know many hate that coat but I actually love the color and material.

I also received the golden kiss/lips necklace. It looks cute but I cant believe it was originally over $200. Glad I got way cheaper than that. Its an adorable piece.

K ladies, just wanted to share my enthusiasm on the items I received =) Thanks for your time! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

$10 gift

Just wanted to share that Rue la la has a holiday promo where signing up gives you an automatic $10 credit. I just got he email notice so thought I would share the money, we both get $10 each when you decide to sign up and then you can tell your friends and spread the money... I mean word =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I ended up choosing the black with gold and pearl. Thanks for the input =)

1. black with wings
2. white
3. black with gold

(I found a way to cut and paste quickly so here are the pics)

Ladies, those who are already signed up with GILT can you please give me your input as to which bangle you think would be the best pick? I have till midnight tomorrow 12.2.09, I know short notice but I figured it wont hurt to try... I love all of them but I only need one =(

thanks in advance!


The God of More than Enough


"…the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, ‘I am Almighty God…"
(Genesis 17:1, NKJ)

TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

Do you need more peace, joy, or any provision in your life? Friend, we serve a God who is more than enough and He has more than enough!

The original Hebrew word in this verse is El Shaddai which means "the All-Sufficient One" or the God of plenty. In other words, our God is simply more than enough! He's not worried about how He's going to meet your needs. He's not wondering how He's going to provide for you; He's already overflowing with everything you need in this life, and He longs to bless you. Do you know why? He wants to bless you abundantly so that you can turn around and be a blessing to other people. He wants you to be His reflection in the earth. But you have to first receive what He wants to do in your life. You can't go around with a negative, self-defeating attitude and expect to see the blessings of God pour in. No, the Bible tells us that it is our faith that pleases God.

Today, keep an attitude of faith and expectancy. Remember, you serve the Almighty God. He promises to supply all your needs because He is El Shaddai, the God of more than enough!


"Father God, I believe that You desire to supply all my needs. You are the God of more than enough. Today, I receive Your Word and choose to have an attitude of faith and expectancy. Thank You for Your goodness and faithfulness to me. In Jesus' Name. Amen."

Monday, November 30, 2009


Hello ladies! Just wanted to share many finds at Gilt, Gilt Man and Gilt Fuse for xmas. Just bought a Kate Spade bag and a necklace. The other site is Hautelook. They also have MANY great deals! Bought some watches for 84% off... cant beat that! They have many stuff for kids too...VERY CUTE and well discounted items I have to mommies and aunties...have fun!!! Hope you find something as well. Just click on the link below. Have a great week!

By the way,

- its free shipping at Sephora just enter SHIP4FREE
- its 50% off your entire order at just enter BLACK (bought some gorgeous pieces today, hope you find some as well)

Dont forget to drop me a line and let me know if you got some great deals =)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A prayer for today


"Heavenly Father, today I release all the cares and burdens that are trying to drag me down.

I know that You have a good plan for my life. I will continue in the faith and ask that You

breathe Your new life throughout my whole being today. In Jesus' Name. Amen"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hypnotic Poison by Dior

Hello ladies! I still havent purchased my perfume. I went to Nordstrom coz they had a fragrance event and they suggested Hypnotic Poison for me. They didnt have it in stock then but they told me to wait till they have it coz they said it smells so good.

I wasnt in a hurry to make a purchase so I took the suggestion =) I still havent tried it...Have any of you used this? What do you think of this fragrance? I love the name to begin with...hahaha hopefully its worth the wait!

Thanks in advance =)


Pray For an Open Door


"And at the same time pray for us also, that God may

open a door to us…"
(Colossians 4:3, AMP)

TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

In this life, we are blessed with so many opportunities and privileges.

In this day and age, we have tools and resources to figure almost

anything out. It's easy to just depend on our own natural ability

to make things happen. But God wants to be intimately involved

in our lives. He wants us to come to Him, depend on Him,

and allow Him to show Himself strong on our behalf. He wants

to open those doors for you, and He wants you to know

that He is the one working behind the scenes on your behalf.

Today, if you are looking for an open door, turn to God.

Pray and ask Him to direct your every step. Keep asking,

keep knocking, keep believing because God will open those

doors before you. He will lead you and guide you into the

abundant life He has in store for you!


"Father God, thank You for ordering and directing my

steps. Today I come to You asking for an open door.

I know that You will make a way even when there seems

to be no way. I choose to trust You with every detail of

my life! In Jesus' Name. Amen."

Monday, November 16, 2009


Have a blessed week ladies!

Press Past Adversity


"For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries"
(I Corinthians 16:9, NKJ)

TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

Are you walking by faith or sight today? In other words, are you choosing to believe God no matter what your circumstances look like, or are you making decisions and focusing your mind on what you can see.

Remember, it's always darkest right before the dawn appears. I believe that you are about to give birth to that promise. The enemy sees the supernatural doors that are opened before you, and he will try his hardest to get you to quit, give up, and settle where you are. But if you'll just keep pressing past that adversity, if you'll keep praising, believing, and confessing God's promises, you'll make it through. You'll come out wiser and stronger, and you'll embrace every good thing God has in store for you!


"Father God, thank You for the open doors You have prepared for me. I recognize that these challenges have not come to stay; they have come to pass. I choose to stand strong in You, knowing that You have blessing and victory in store for my future. In Jesus' Name. Amen."

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I want to voice out my thanksgiving for an answered prayer...GOD IS GOOD! Thank you Lord for your blessings.

Ladies, I just want to say we should never doubt, God will always give us what is best for us. We just have to keep on believing in Him.

God bless you all!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PLEASE =) ???

Ok ladies I know you all are busy to give your input but can you please, if you dont mind, just write down your cant live without fragrance thats all =) thanks!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello ladies! Its been a while and I apologize. Just have been busy with some things. Anyway, just wanted to ask your help with regards to finding a new fragrance. I use BVLGARI pour femme and love it. I also use Calyx by Prescriptives and it smells sooo good on me that I get compliments all the time. However, I found out that Prescriptives will be pulling out of the stores by the end of the year so I need to find a replacement fragrance. I tried Miss Dior Cherie. It was overwhelmingly sweet on me, I could hardly breath. I tried the Viktor and Rolf Eau Mega but it just smelled like a watered down Bath and Body works Cucumber Melon which I absolutely adore so why spend $140 when I can spend way less for a large bottle right =)

So ladies, care to share what your signature fragrances are? Since we dont live around each other I think its ok to share ;) I understand that thats the reason why you call it a signature fragrance so that its recognizable to being yours but hey, Im far away =) hehehe Thanks so much in advance. I didnt realize it would be a bit hard to find one coz they just keep on spraying you with tons of stuff and by the end of the day you dont know which is which!

Looking forward to hearing your response! Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lip fusion

For all the tanners and lip plumper addicts... LIP FUSION products on Hautelook...I think the prices are great here...just wanted to share =) Enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2009


hello ladies! Ive been really busy lately but have had time to do a bit of online browsing and sometimes shopping. For now I just have time to share the good finds...I will post better topics soon =) enjoy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Just wanted to share that one of my favorite products, GO SMILE whitener is on Hautelook. For those who signed up I hope you enjoy the 60% off retail! I love this product, it really made my teeth whiter. You use it for 10 days. Then you retouch after 6 months or when there's a special occasion ...ENJOY!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ok...Im guessing its a day for skincare. Here's another brand I really like...enjoy!!!


Hello Ladies! Just wanted to share this link for those who like cosmedicine products...I do! The prices here are amazing!


Monday, August 24, 2009


I got the gallery tote which I absolutely loved...yes loved! I have a very big problem with it...It absorbs color like theres no tomorrow!!!

I wore an old pair of jeans which I have washed many times and never bled through my other clothes. However, the white gallery tote was all blue where it rubbed on my jeans as I was carrying it. How do I take it out? Do you ladies have the same experience? Have any of you purchased and had the same experience but was able to remedy it? For those who have the black, does the dye from the black one rub onto your light color clothes? I really do like this handbag but dislike the fact that it looks soooo blue! Its not even dirt or dust but dyes!

HELP PLEASE... have any of you used a leather protector spray or lotion for this handbag? If so, kindly share what works... Thanks =)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coral Polynesian dress

I finally got to wear this dress! Its part of the Jcrew collection. I had a previous post of the black and white version and was counting the days to be able to wear this color. I finally did wear it to a friend's daughter's baptism.
I love this dress!!! It is very comfortable!!!

Anyway, I guess Im posting pictures of an old Jcrew item to justify the fact that I chose to keep away from the mall today because I realized I still have clothes which I havent worn, stacked in my closet...this dress being one of them. Although not going to the mall today to enjoy the great deals might have been something I will regret, I know my wallet will thank me =) So there you go, I just figured, other wonderful ladies will be able to take advantage of the sale right? boohoohoo sob sob sob Im ok, im ok. LOL

Well, thats all ladies! For those who have this dress, do share with me how much you like yours =)


dress: Jcrew Collection Polynesian dress (coral)
necklace: custom made coin pearls (Philippines)
earrings: Barse Mother of Pearl
shoes: unisa wedge
bag: Louis Vuitton
watch: movado bangle

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ok ladies, i dont want to be an enabler but Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale and Banana Republic is having 70% off with extra 25% off for Luxe members...ok gotta go =) have fun ladies!!! Have a great weekend! Dont forget to share with me the beautiful things you were able to find =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ok ladies, just wanted to share the wonderful sale at Ruelala. I'll keep it short. The site crashed earlier but is now back. They have items from Tory Burch, Theory, Galliano, Valentino, Ferragamo etc. etc. enjoy ladies!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jon we hate not kate??

Ok I know its wrong to say the word hate but I couldnt resist the title. It has been less than a month since I saw the episode announcing their divorce. I couldnt believe how fast Jon has found someone else and to top it all...she's the daughter of Kate's doctor! Well, I take it back, Jon has replaced Kate way before the divorce.

Ive seen pictures on the net and it really breaks my heart to see Jon with someone else, smoking and drinking in Europe while Kate was grocery shopping for her kids here in the states. I have to say that although Kate wasnt really the nicest wife on earth, she doesnt deserve this type of humiliation. I honestly think that her behavior stemmed from the stress of dealing with her household. If Kate really had a bad character, she would have lambasted Jon way before the divorce and even when she was asked about how she felt that Jon was holding hands with someone in Europe. That speaks volumes of her character. A woman scorned would usually say the worst things but she kept her composure and was just quiet about it.

I dont know, Im sure she's in pain. I think no matter how mad one is at someone, hurt always wins over anger. Im so sure she is in so much pain.

When I saw Jon spending time with his new girlfriend and the designer for Ed Hardy, it dawned on me that he was wearing Ed Hardy way before the divorce. I even remembered saying wow, Jon is wearing Ed Hardy stuff, he must have a stylist now(indeed he did...his new gf). Its so farfetched to buy EH stuff since he was clearly a BR or Gap fan. Boy did it make sense. He probably was already seeing that girl ( yes girl) during that time. Well, I know that you can buy Ed Hardy anywhere but its just so unlikely that he would pick it himself. Oh well thats just my theory.

I dont like Jon anymore!!! He just transformed into a "jerk looking" guy overnight! I mean come on, he wasnt the nicest husband either but seeing those pics just propelled him to a different status of "jerkness". I honestly feel bad for the kids. Im sure they will see all these when theyre older and they will be hurt by all of it. They dont deserve that, they are great children! Very well behaved and intelligent! Wow, its so sad when men stray. Its more sad when they do it more than once. Now there isnt a chance in the world that Kate will take him back...NONE! I hope not!!! It sucks when men can make mistakes and repent and be taken back and adored coz he is considered a "changed man" but when women stray, the stigma stays with her until the day she dies.

Lessons to be learned... I think that when we marry we shouldnt forget that we are a partner as much as we are moms to our kids. We should refrain from being/acting like a mom to our husbands. Lastly, I think women who see men who are happy and married should just appreciate that from afar and try to emulate that by finding one for themselves but not stealing that man away from his family. Oftentimes, that is the scenario and it breaks up families and scars the people involved forever. So ladies try to find your own man, if he left someone for you, chances are he will leave you for someone else so that is nothing to be flattered about(just like Jon left his first gf for this new one).

Ok I think I shouldnt have used "we" coz I am still single and dont have any children but you know what I mean ;) Thanks for listening!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

worth it!

I cant say anything more than WOOHOO (my mom hates it when I say that =)! I love both bags!!! I know, we all feel the same after getting a new handbag right? I agree, but these bags are just worth it! They are going to be wonderful additions to my handbag collection. I have to say though that the editor tote is large. I shortened the chain that was hanging coz it is definitely an accident waiting to happen. It looks better shorter. I will definitely post pictures soon. Its easy to shorten, just remove one end of chain from the ring and loop it to the desired length. You need to divide the length of the links you want to remove equally on both sides. I took out 4 on each side. Basically attached the 5th link then looped the dangling end as well. I really like it! Oh yeah, the color is more of a really light grey not white. Its a color that can be used all year long. As for the gallery tote, I find the length of the strap to be short so I think I will just wear it without the strap. The color is more like butter not white at all. So for those wanting a white bag, these bags wont do.

By the way, I saw these bags on other sites other than jcrew and they were selling for way more and to make things worse, they had pen marks on the label and others had the jcrew label cut off. They said to prevent returns...I think that is so wrong for the store to do that to consumers right? Even items that are sold at garage sales dont have the labels cut off. I would never pay for something that the seller sell under the condition that the label gets cut off. I think thats just bad business. Im not sure if thats the manager's call or jcrew's. What do you guys think?

I'll end this by saying...Im satisfied with the purchase. Its been a while since I have made a purchase from jcrew but this was one deal Im glad I didnt miss out on =)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Good deal but is it worth it?

Hello ladies! I saw this marked down to $149.99 + 20% off so do you think its worth it? I know I already got the other two bags. Ok fine I wont get it but I was just curious to know if given a choice among the three wonderful bags which would you prefer? Thanks =) Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I gave in to temptation. I saw these bags and thought with the 20% off they were a great deal dont you think? The only draw back was that I couldnt find many great reviews on both but I figured grab them and see for myself even if I havent seen any of these IRL. Have any of you? If you dont mind ladies, do give me an input on what you think. Thanks =)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Martin BASH-ir

I just want to share my thoughts after having a Michael Jackson filled day. I logged on to and saw the video of the rehearsal 2 days prior to Michael's death...I dont know what it is but it made me shed a tear. For me it manifested how Michael loved what he did. He wasnt dancing to show off that he was great, he was just himself. He did feel every beat of the song and his body just moved with it perfectly. There was a part where I thought they purposely hit the slow-motion button but it when I looked at the dancers in the back, it was obvious that it was just part of the choreography. Michael just really interpreted his dance steps with precision! At the very end of it, when they dimmed the lights, he smiled and I just saw peace, joy and contentment. He really was an artist who entertained his fans but had no intent to show off that he was great, he just performed to his best ability.

For the status that he has reached, he never really has that "attitude" that the new artists have. I was watching parts of the BET awards and tribute to Michael and was really turned off at the "attitude" that Jamie Foxx, and the rest of the artists had, it really seemed like they felt like they were great. Michael exudes humility in every clip that I have seen since his death. I am not a Michael Jackson fanatic but since his life story is all that you see on tv, I gave in and tried to learn more about him.

All I knew about Michael was his music and dance steps... Ok here comes the support for my post title...After having seen the Martin Bashir's interview, my heart broke. I didnt realize how misunderstood he was. It was obvious in the interview that he does have psychological issues but as far as seeing an evil bone or malicious intent in him, I honestly did not see one bit of it. Bash-ir on the other hand, was just mean spirited. For him to get that interview and twist words and issues was just so obviously done for controversy. His criticism on Michael's actions during the entire interview was so unfair. He made them on the point of view of an ordinary man with a different culture compared to the person he was interviewing. I thought it was not a good interview at all because he did not empathize nor try to understand Michael's behavior but it was rather obvious that he was out to sensationalize it. Case and point, he said that Michael taking the kids to the zoo was not normal and that it was an abnormal scenario for the kids and Michael didnt think it was, well it was normal to Michael because that is what he grew up knowing. He lived his life seeing all that as normal. Bashir had no right to say it wasnt. To me its like growing up a vegan and being told all your life that eating meat is murder and then seeing people devouring pounds of meat at a Brazilian buffet would make you think they are murderers right. One cannot begin to empathize with him unless they have lived a life similar to his. My heart really broke after watching that 2003 interview. Bashir was focused to bash Michael. He was mean and disrespectful when he asked him questions. He wasnt out to know Michael, he was set to judge him and put more controversy around the man who naturally showed a kind and pure heart. I loved how Michael said plastic surgery wasnt done because of Michael Jackson, people do it everyday. MJ was right, people just want to judge and be mean.

Yikes...this is too long and im sure boring to most but I just wanted to express how sad it makes me feel that people hounded him because he was odd. People rarely focused on the good he has done and the many lives he has changed for the better through his music and humanitarian acts. In my lifetime I know there will only be one Michael Jackson. No artist in the industry can compare to him. Till the end he proved to all of us that he was pure talent as showcased on that last video of him but despite all that he ended it with a humble smile.

I add on to this original post I started a few days back, today Michael was finally put to rest. I never have cried much for someone I really didnt know but I shed many tears today after watching the memorial for him. It was just beautiful, solemn and dignified. Just what Michael deserved. At the end of his journey everyone's behavior was a reflection of how Michael lived his life, full of respect, kindness and love. Let us all say a prayer for everyone he has left behind. Thanks Michael for all that you have done, I love you!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Barton Perreira, my eyes adore you =)

So I finally was able to wear my glasses today. I have to say, I love them. I have better looking pairs of sunglasses but these I absolutely love! They are so light and comfortable and the lenses are just so clear and did I say light? yes I did. I couldnt stress it enough though because I have had pairs which were so heavy, they left nosepads marks! These on the other hand are so comfy. I forgot to take a pic of me wearing them outdoors so I took a few prior to changing into my jammies =) By the way, the top im wearing are Gap. I got many compliments from it. People thought Jcrew, Banana, Prada, Ralph Lauren...I said nope GAP =) Its so airy and fresh to wear. I warn you though, if you sweat a lot, this is not for you! It shows sweat marks like crazy! So you need to double up on antiperspirant LOL!!! I did!!! Other than that it looks lovely.

Thats all ladies! Till my next post =)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Gilt-y " Eyes =)

Hello ladies! I received this today in the mail. They are soooo nice!!! Very light and well crafted. Check them out they are Barton Perriera sunglasses. This pair is titanium so you forget you have them on. I am soooo happy can you tell =) Too excited that I had to post. I promise to post pics of me wearing them next time. I swear ladies, you will love Gilt items. Its soooo worth sharing. Its addicting though like Jcrew so Im warning you ahead of time =) Do share with me if you bought anything... its always fun to hear about shopping =)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

oohh sooo gilty =)

I just checked an order I made today and its on its way...its a new pair of sunglasses that was over 75% off and its by Barton Perriera and is still full price at Neiman Marcus. I had posted it earlier but thought I'd share the link once again for my new friends =) I swear, you wont regret it. This site has a lot of high end designers and is always at least 50% off. Just wanted to share another of my "Gilty" pleasures. Enjoy!!!!

oohh la la

Hello ladies! Just wanted to share the wonderful finds on this site. I know you are all savvy shoppers like me so I know you would appreciate this site. You wont regret it. The items and bargains are just extremely wonderful!!! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

yellow on a brick road =),

After all the sad news of death on tv, I thought that I should wear something bright to pick up the mood.

I dont have much to say except that I pray that they all rest in peace.

On a lighter note, I love this dress! I dont recall the name but it is EXTREMELY comfortable. I wore it for lunch and wore wedge sandals with it and then wore my comfy rubber sole shoes. Both pairs looked great with the dress so I love, love, love the dress =) Just thought Id share. Have a great week!

dress: Jcrew size 4
shoes: (wedge) Unisa
(rubber shoes) cole haan air G series
earrings: Pewter dangling...forgot the brand =)
watch: Michelle
bracelet: black: onyx Tiffany toggle
"evil eye" bracelet sterling

Monday, June 22, 2009

so sad =(

I just thought I would share my thoughts on Jon & Kate plus 8 divorce.

It seems just like yesterday when I was caught up in watching a young couple struggling to raise 8 kids. It was one of the most entertaining and educational shows so far. I absolutely admired how a woman in her 20's was able to keep her house in order without falling apart. She always seemed to have energy even at the end of the day. I have to agree that Kate was harsh in many episodes. I think it really was a coping mechanism for her to be able to handle the stress of managing her household. Jon was there, supportive and quite. Seemed timid but I have already seen how Jon was also as apathetic towards Kate and she was to him. It was very apparent to me how even if Kate would show affection during the early years, Jon was very uncomfortable with it.

It saddens me that they are getting a divorce. It was obvious on the interviews that Kate was absolutely sad about it and Jon looked happy and relieved. He obviously has someone to turn to for comfort other than his wife because he seemed so cocky and secure with his newly pierced ears as compared to Kate who seemed to be falling apart.

Why do men always get the better part of the deal? In Jon's statement "im only 32" come on!!! So what? is Kate 60? Why do men think they can just let go and have a clean slate and other women just grab the bait? Either way, Jon gets the best of both worlds! He can go be with the young, stupid teacher, who obviously hit the jackpot either way coz she can always write a book or her story as the woman who broke the Gosselins up. At the same time, Jon can be the father whom the children will miss and adore when he visits. Poor Kate! Even if she wanted to have a relationship with whomever she chooses, it will look worse for her than for Jon. WHY??? Why does society dictate that women should be martyrs and men can always be the villain but are also always given the chance to become the hero?

I know Kate has her faults but Jon does too! Stupid teacher for even attempting to seduce Jon and have a relationship with him. All I can say is that Karma is a biyatch and this fling wont last but the destruction it has cost, will. The kids will grow up knowing and realizing it was Jon who broke up the family, not Kate. Jon found a way out and it was easier than admitting that he screwed up and cheated.

All I can do is pray to give Kate the strength to keep on being an amazing mother to her children. I pray for guidance and wisdom to do whats best for her and her children. I hope that there will be less of the "Jons" out there. Gosh, this announcement really made me so sad! I know there are worse news but having access to the parts of the reality of their lives make it an issue to ponder upon.

So friends, please say a prayer for Kate and for every other woman out there going through the same situation. =(

Saturday, June 13, 2009

still grinning with green =)

Ok so I couldnt find anything to wear to this vow renewal ceremony. Went through my closet and to my disbelief, I disliked everything I tried on!!! Where was this feeling when I was shopping Jcrew? Why is it easier to choose what to buy but so much harder to choose what to wear??? So after having gone through dozens of clothes, I finally saw this dress, tried it on and since it fit I decided to wear this. So the day of the event, I put the dress on, tied the back and totally forgot that I didnt button the back of the dress, glad an aunt of mine pointed it out to me LOL then my mom noticed that I had twisted the neckline of the dress had, to undo the tie to make it right +) ok the icing on the cake was that an aunt told me that the tag was hanging on the dress...LOL!!! Wearing this dress was a fun experience for me! I love it and got many compliments. Even my two nieces and nephew kept on touching the material of the dress. They loved it on me so that made me happy =) I know its last year's or even the year before but I adore this dress and just wanted to share =) Have a good Sunday ladies!

dress: Jcrew Collection
Shoes: banana republic
earrings: gold with rose quartz ( believed to attract your soulmate) ( didnt work for me today though =(

Friday, June 5, 2009

green again!

hello ladies! i wore another green item! dont have the name of it but thought id share the pics. Not my fault there are horns above me. Not my doing ;) this shirt is so comfortable!!! Got many compliments on it =) Ok, thats all...have a great weekend ladies ;)

shirt: jcrew
jeans: banana republic
watch: movado bangle
purse: Louis vuitton
shoes: I forgot =)